About The Artist

Natacha Palay

β€‹β€œAn artist cannot speak about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture.”

-Jean Cocteau

The influence behind my work derives from past experiences, curiosity, and observation. The themes I explore through my artwork, take different forms and approaches.  

    With each series, a new medium may be introduced in order to explore and convey the subject I am seeking, into a tangible form. My art ranges anywhere from figurative to abstract, and explores an array of color palettes. By showcasing the final artwork, I invite the viewer to take part and react to the process of an on-going investigation. 

    I like to believe my intent is expressive, suggestive, as well as evocative. The reactions that are generated, positive or negative, is the reason why I am an artist.

-Natacha Palay